Renew Your Membership, Get Your Solar Glasses

2023 was a year of growth for the Warren County Astronomical Society. We have 56 members who joined and participated as we’ve added monthly programs open to the public and started member-only events.

We hope you continue to enjoy them and that they are helpful to your pursuit of our shared astronomy hobby. Even if you’re a casual observer of the night sky, everyone is welcome; we intend to provide more ways for you to have fun under the stars.

Your annual membership fees help us pay for insurance, maintenance, and repairs and purchase new astronomy equipment. So we ask you to renew your membership – or to become a member – in February.

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We’ve set up a new online payment system that enables members to renew on the anniversary of when they joined WCAS. Most members are up for renewal. If you have questions, contact Marge Batten, our membership director, at


Exclusive Offer: Solar Glasses for Members

Every member who renews and all new members will receive solar glasses so you can view the Great American Solar Eclipse on April 8.

If have a family membership, you will receive a pair of solar glasses for each member of your immediate family who lives with you.

Additional solar glasses are available for $5 each for friends and neighbors who won’t want to miss the total solar eclipse when it passes over southwest Ohio on that Monday afternoon.

Contact Marge and/or her husband, Gary Batten, our treasurer, at to purchase the solar glasses.

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