Solar Glasses: Get Yours for April 8 Total Eclipse of the Sun

The Great American Eclipse will occur on Monday, April 8: a total eclipse of the sun across much of Ohio. If the spring weather cooperates, you can expect to experience totality or darkness for several minutes.
But to view the sun at any time during the eclipse (or ever!), you need special glasses that protect your eyes from harmful rays. We’ve got ’em for you.
All members of the Warren County Astronomical Society will get a free pair. If you have a family membership, each member of your immediate family living in your household also can get a free pair.
You can purchase extra solar glasses for other relatives and friends from WCAS. They cost $5 each and are available at our events at the Fred Bay Observatory and by ordering them online farther down on this page.
Protect your eyeballs. Enjoy the total solar eclipse. You don’t want to miss it. The next one over our part of Ohio will occur in 334 years.

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