Recycle Your Solar Eclipse Glasses!

Dog wearing solar eclipse glasses shared by the Warren County Astronomical Society

The Warren County Park District and the Warren County Astronomical Society are partnering to collect and send gently used solar eclipse glasses.

You certainly can save them for viewing the sun any time or traveling to locations in Latin America and Africa where the next total eclipses are expected to occur. Properly cared for, the glasses can be safe to use for 7 to 10 years.
However, if you have no plans to reuse them, please don’t discard them. We’ll collect and ship them to Eclipse Glasses, USA, which will inspect and send them out to children in other countries.
  • You can drop them off at the Fred Bay Observatory at Hisey Park the next time you visit for one of our free public stargazing programs.
  • You also drop them off at or mail them to the Warren County Park District office at Armco Park, 1223 OH-741, Lebanon, OH 45036.
We’re partnering with the park district to help get them redistributed to kids who might not otherwise have access to solar glasses for eclipses later this year and in 2025.
Deadline for drop-off is June 30. Thank you!