Officers and Directors

The following volunteers lead the Warren County Astronomical Society:

President                Chris Celek

Vice President        Brian Retterer

Treasurer                Gary Batten

Secretary                Chuck Fairbanks

Board of Directors 

Our board includes the officers listed above plus the following members:

Membership Marge Batten

Education Dennis O’Neill

Technology Mark Davidson

Past President Jeff Blazey


Members of the Warren County Astronomical Society operate the Fred Bay Observatory at Hisey Park under an agreement with the Warren County Park District, which oversees the park and its facilities.

  • WCAS members are authorized to be in Hisey Park and Gulley Park after hours for astronomy activities.
  • To learn more about Hisey Park and the other Warren County parks, their amenities, locations, maps, photos, and events, visit the park district website

In addition, WCAS members support the Rachel A. Hutzel Observatory at Camp Joy. We own and maintain the telescope in the camp’s roll-off roof observatory; our members have access to the observatory on weekends.


We thank the following founding members who created the Warren County Astronomical Society in 2012 and worked tirelessly to establish the observatory facilities we enjoy today at Hisey Park and Camp Joy:

  • Jeff Blazey, president from 2012 to 2022
  • Fred Bay, vice president from 2012 to 2021
  • Judy Bay, treasurer from 2012 to 2023
  • Brendan Cuddihee, secretary from 2012 to 2022

Fred passed away in 2021; the observatory at Hisey Park was named in his honor that year.

Brendan designed the WCAS logo still in use today.

Jeff, Judy, and Brendan remain active WCAS members.